Gadgets mostly started with something very simple. In case of vacuum, it’s started with broom. While archaeologists have discovered simple cases of the cleaning apparatus going back to 2,300 B.C. Broom was not considered perfect until 1797 because of hectic job and also its falling bristles during cleaning then a farmer made a broom with sorghum which cleans well and during cleaning its bristles was not falling. It was also called broomcorn.

After that mechanical sweeper was invented that was more efficient in cleaning and less tedious. In 1859, Hiram Herrick of Boston filed for the principal American patent for a floor sweeper, which was essentially a moving floor brush and dustpan.

In 1860, Daniel Hess of Iowa created the first mechanical device which generate suction and used to clean both floor and carpet. The very first vacuum was invented by Ives W. McGuffey in Chicago in 1868. It was called the “Whirlwind’’. It was failed because it is very expensive and moreover it is not easy to use. The problem with the Daniel Hess and Ives W. McGaffey’s vacuum was that they only produce moving air (Whirl) and operator done it manually for its suction. Some power source is needed to make the suction work.

In 1892, John S. Thurman of St. Louis used the new resource to create a gasoline-powered “pneumatic carpet renovator ‘’, when gasoline introduced as a source of fuel. ‘’Pneumatic carpet renovator ‘’ was basically not a vacuum cleaner. It only blows air to remove dust. Due its big size it was also unsuccessful. With the passage of time technology improves and electric power was used as a source of energy. An English engineer Hubert Cecil Booth introduced the first powered vacuum known as the “Puffing Billy.” This device was powered by electric motor. Meanwhile, an American inventor David T. Kenney also invented a vacuum that used suction in 1901. This device use steam to run and have pipe to clean every corner of building. This device was also not so popular because of its heavyweight and large expense. Walter Griffiths of Birmingham of England invented a vacuum that could be carried around. This device use flexible pipe and it was lightweight. In 1906, James Kirby invented the very first vacuum machine and used a specific mechanism of water instead of soil to filter dirt and called it the “Domestic Cyclone’’.

First the vacuums were luxury and used by elite class but after the Second World War it became affordable even the middle class families and vacuum cleaners become need of people instead of luxury.

Over the years, technology improved a lot and now markets are filled with vacuum cleaners with advanced technology. Corded and cordless vacuum cleaners are also available in markets. In 2002, ‘’Roomba’’-the first robotic vacuum cleaner, entered the market. This vacuum can set on the floor and manoeuvre around freely while sucking up dirt from floor.