Cleaning houses is not enjoyable hobby for a number of people, but you are pleased when your cleaning device i.e. vacuum cleaner is cheap and its performance is satisfying.

Vacuum cleaner is device which encourages you much in doing your ordinary cleaning tasks yet finding the best vacuum for your house is not a simple job, as there are a lot of vacuum cleaners available in market and each of which accompanies its own particular qualities and features.

Following are some important points that you should keep in your mind if you want to get the best deal of good vacuum cleaner; whenever you are in shopping mall or market.

Right Timing

Right timings play a key role in buying a cheap and good vacuum cleaner. May and April are the best months for buying a cheap vacuum cleaner because these are the months of sales. Unfortunately if you miss that opportunity there is nothing to worry about because spring sales are not only the options for buying vacuum cleaner.  Keep in touch with nearest departmental stores for ‘’SALES’’ throughout the year. Or you can also wait for ‘’BLACK FRIDAY’’.


If the sale price of vacuum cleaner is not affordable for you then you have a choice left to opt used-vacuum cleaner. You can get these from sellers but keep in mind that these devices have less warranty or have some other defects. So, always get these used devices from trusted seller.

Identify Your Needs

Eventually, regardless of whether you’re purchasing new or a used vacuum cleaner, you’ll need to limit your cost by narrowing down the correct item with desired specifications. Spending more than your need for required features, is not makes any sense.

Get appropriate information before you purchase; check item determinations, read client comments and limit what you’re searching for a cleaning partner.

  • Small tasks

For cleaning your vehicle or other little spaces you just need a handheld vacuum, don’t pay more for a model that is intended to clean your entire home. These vacuum cleaners are mostly light weight and have small motors.

  • Huge tasks

In order to clean commercial areas or big houses, we need a vacuum cleaner having large storage bag and wide dimension so that it can clean large spaces in a short time. It reduces effort and saves time. But the drawback of these types of vacuum cleaner is that they are noisy because they have very large and powerful motors.

  • Difficult task

Cleaning stairs is a difficult task because it needs such type of vacuum cleaner which is light weight and has powerful motor. Mostly vacuum cleaners having powerful motors are heavy weight and it becomes difficult to carry these cleaners to clean stairs. Moreover, it becomes very hectic and fatiguefull process.