Best Automatic self-cleaning litter box

Are you looking for Best self-cleaning litter Box for your pets? Yes, you are on right website we help you in the choosing best litter box for your pets. We know your life is just getting busy day by day and your pets’ waste become hassle every few days.

Best self-cleaning litter box

The self-cleaning litter box use power source to remove the waste and clumps from the box. The best benefit of these machine in can work automatically and it can work automatically up to one week without any interference from you.

In the market, there is a lot of different range of high-tech litter boxes but it’s really difficult to choose the best one. We compare best self-cleaning litter box for you and select top 5 products for you. We explain in details about each litter box.

Best Automatic Litter Box 2017

Here is the list of best self-cleaning litter box 2017

Products View Rating Check Price
CatGenie Self washing self-flushing Cat Box CatGenie Self washing self-flushing Cat Box 5/5
Scoop Free self-cleaning Scoop Free self-cleaning 5/5
Scoop Free Ultra self-cleaning Scoop Free Ultra self-cleaning Litter Box 4.5/5
Litter Maid Litter Maid Self clean litter box 4.5/5
PetSafe Simply Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box PetSafe Simply Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box 4.5/5
PetZone Ez Scoop No Touch PetZone Ez Scoop No Touch 4/5
Omega Paw Self-cleaning litter box 4/5


1) CatGenie Self washing self-flushing Cat Box

CatGenie Self washing self-flushing Cat Litter BoxCatGenie is the first self-flushing litter box and it’s still most popular in the market. This litter box is the very expensive option but this litter box uses the most advanced approach to getting rid of cat waste. The CatGenie use permanent and washable Granules. Rather than changing the granules when they are dirty, the system can use cold water to wash them and the waste can dispute in the drain or toilet. The Machine is heating up and dries the granules so the machine is ready for the next use. This is the most advanced system of the litter box. You can change the granules after so many uses.

This machine requires both cold water and drain to dispute the waste. The drain is the only solution to empty any kind of waste compartments and if you hate cleaning the litter box then this is the best way to clean litter box.


  • Fully automatic
  • Permanent and washable granules
  • Integrate with Flush System
  • Nothing to clean
  • High Budget
  • Cleaning cycle take 20 to 30 minutes
  • Only use for 1 to 2 cats
  • Requires Water line


2) Scoop Free self-cleaning

Scoop Free self-cleaning Litter BoxScoop Free from PetSafe has a great repute in the litter box market. PetSafe makes products that protects, teach and make more love for the pets. PetSafe is the largest manufacturer in the US. Litter Box is no only one product of this brand it’s also made bark collars and batteries.

Scoop Free is the product that provides hands off convenience and odor control, it means you getting rid of pets waste without any hassle. This products changes the way of feel about the pet litter because its tray is leak proof and guarantees a pleasant spell.

This machine is very easy to use its tray is and can be loaded in a minute. Once you load it, it easily work for more than one week and after that you can change the tray easily. The tray is self-clean and disposable. This machine is effective, easy to use and reliable. It’s 99% dust free.

How it works

We know that this product is best, now we understand how it works. This machine is loaded with disposable tray and the tray is filled with crystal litter. When the cat use litter box sensor detect and start the timer. Crystal in the tray absorbing moister and dehydrate the solid waste and all the waste trap into the covered waste trap. The tray can be easily changed after one week for a hassle-free experience.

  • No daily cleaning
  • No Smell when waste is dehydrated
  • Leak Proof Tray
  • The Raking sound sometimes loud
  • Dome is not included
  • Small size


3) Scoop Free Ultra self-cleaning

Scoop Free Ultra self-cleaning Litter boxScoop Free Ultra Self Cleaning litter box top rated product of PetSafe. Its design is pretty much similar to Scoop Free but it has some new features and modification in design. It has crystal litter tray and the tray is disposable and the tray is filled with PetSafe crystal litter. Crystal litter use to the absorber and dehydrate the waste of pet. Usually, tray can be replaced every few week it depends on your pets. When the tray needs to replaced lid the unit, remove the tray and cover with the included lid. The entire tray goes into the trash.

Automatic litter box use sensor that can active when cat entered into the litter box. Sensor start time of 20 minutes and after the 20 minutes its trigger the rake to move the waste into trap. Lavender is come with this product to refills the tray. Matching anti-tracking mat is also come with this smart machine. Scoop free is the hoodless version of this Scoop free ultra. This is the most elegant, simplest and easy to use an automatic litter box.

  • Timer has different setting
  • Easily dispute the waste
  • Health counter to identify the health problem
  • Rake depth is minimum
  • Tray is costly
  • Difficult to in the humid environment


4) Litter Maid Litter Box

Litter Maid Self clean litter boxLitterMaid is another well-known option in the market. It’s less complicated to than CatGenie. This is the complete automatic self-cleaning machine that works by passing the rake through the litter and all the waste push into the compartment. This machine is large and it has the ramp with cleaning pad. It can automatically trap litter as your cat leaves. If we compare this machine with other litter boxes it can hold 50 percent more litter than other boxes.

The best thing about this box is it’s very easy to empty the waste compartment, remove the disposable receptacle and throw it away. In this machine, it has carbon fiber filter to keep the smell fresh when clean the waste compartment. This is very easy to use, effective and durable in the use.


  • Very easy to clean
  • It has safety bar which stops rack in case of blockage
  • Largely sized cabinet
  • It used carbon filters
  • It can use for multiples pets
  • Best wastage mechanize
  • Automatically remove wastage
  • Backup battery
  • Loudly
  • Lifespan is minimum
  • May require cleaning manually when blockage


5) PetSafe Simply Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box

PetSafe Simply Clean Self Cleaning Litter BoxAs we know that PetSafe is the biggest brand of the self-cleaning litter box and PetSafe’s Simply Clean is one of them. It is less expensive than LitterMaid and it reliable and quite efficient for the smaller cat breeds. Simply clean is very user-friendly it is very easy to setup and safe time. You can easily attach their parts and very easy to clean and maintain. The waste compartment of this machine is semi-transparent. It makes it easy for you to check if it needs to be emptied.

It operates on very low voltage system and the internal system is not noisy and that’s why this product is best for choice for the shy and timid felines. This self-cleaning litter box is slightly different from others because it’s use efficient mechanism and machine works with less clumping litters. This Self-cleaning machine saves money from litter refills.

The waste mechanism is also different from other units it uses the waste basket that lined with a plastic bag to make removal easy It’s also the advantage of this cleaning product. The design is very compact and sleek so it can easily fit in tight spaces house. The one-liner of this product is “Simply Brilliant”.

  • Cheaper then others
  • Smart, Sleek Design and efficient
  • Less Noise
  • Only design for cats
  • Bawl has limited space
  • Only for one cat


6) PetZone Ez Scoop No Touch

PetZone Ez Scoop No TouchThis is the most cheaply self-cleaning litter box in the list of top rated self-cleaning Litter boxes. If you want noise less and motor less litter box this is the best option for you. It uses the rake mechanism and combine the rake filtering system with bag compartment. Easily push the rake from litter and all the waste is dispute in the small bag.

This unit also offers a metal rake just like other automated boxes.  Its design is very sleek and surface is very slick and it keeps any mess from sticky.  The aim of this product is to save the litter and provide slight advantage over scoop. Simply this product us very good addition in the market.


  • Easy to setup
  • All parts are removable
  • Best Carbon Filters
  • One year warranty
  • Less maintains
  • Sleek Design and reliable
  • Easy to use
  • No Touch Bags
  • Half manual
  • Size is small
  • Some technical issues


7) Omega Paw Self-cleaning litter box