Vacuum cleaners are our cleaning partners which saves our much and energy. It’s one of the major purchases in our daily life.Before, buying a new one there are 5 things you should keep in mind.


Different Types for Different Needs

There is variety of vacuum cleaners available in market. If you are looking for the specific one than go for it and if you are not sure which one is best then saves your time by narrowing down your search and begin concentrating on the features you want.

Long cord vacuums are best for huge house. You don’t have to carry your heavy device while cleaning stairs and it’s long cord can easily cover large area. If you want to clean that area where you want to save yourself for constantly plugging and unplugging then a cordless may be the best option.

Searching for a gadget that is compact and fit for cleaning little spaces? Try a handheld

  • Handheld: Lightweight and small size that you can carry in your hand.
  • Robotic: Programmable device which require minimum consumer effort.
  • Canister: Suction head and motor are seprated
  • Upright: Suction head and motor both are in one unit.

Specs That Matters

There are numerous item details related with each vacuum cleaner types. Look out for features that you would prefer. Few parts are listed to keep in mind.

  • Cord Length: The cord length definitely matters if you have a huge house. Pick the right one which saves you from constantly plugging and unplugging while cleaning.
  • Weight: Watch over to how heavy your device will be.
  • Battery Life: While buying cordless watch over how long you device can operate in one round.
  • Dirt cup Capacity: Device with large dirt cup capacity saves you from emptying again and again.

Should I Prefer Upright, Canister or Stick Vacuums?

Upright vacuums are optimal for carpeted floors and are optimal for carpeted areas in homes and offices. These vacuums are easy to manoeuvre, so they are optimal for large areas. Numerous uprights, as Dyson vacuums, have comes with HEPA filter and optimal for those allergy-sufferers.

Canister vacuums are simpler to manoeuvre tight spaces and convey up the stairs. They’re additionally suggested for homes and workplaces with for the most part uncovered floors and light covering. Moreover, with their adaptable suction hoses, canisters make it simple to clean stairs, upholstery, and window hangings and in addition under furniture.

Stick Vacuums are optimal for small areas and spot cleaning. They are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. Consumer can clean tight areas like (wall corner and beneath the furniture etc) without much effort. Some of these are handheld with removal attachment allows cleaning tight areas with greater efficiency.

Allergy concern

If you are allergic or asthma patient then you should prefer a HEPA filtered vacuum (Remove 99.97% allergens from air).
Many reliable HEPA filtered vacuums are available in market like shark Navigator NV356E, BobSweep(Robotic vacuum), Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A, Dyson DC41 Upright vacuum etc.
Most bagged vacuums are completely sealed with HEPA filter. So, no dirt and allergen can escape while removing or replacing the dirt cup.

What Should I Prefer Bagged or Bagless?

There is another thing which confuses the customer that which one is a better bagged or bagless vacuum. Bagless vacuums offer included comfort and you don’t need to replace the bag. Bagged vacuums are completely sealed and it never let the dirt particle or allergen to enter back in your space. Mostly bagless vacuums are lightweight and if you prefer this vacuum too then always keep in mind to replace a dirt cup outside it will never let the microscopic allergens to enter in your space again.